by Jerk Damaged

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(free) 01:20


released June 26, 2013

evan mumford- everything except
chris murdoch- drums & bass on "lyson"/drums on "summer violence"



all rights reserved


Jerk Damaged Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Feel it Today
call me tea cuz i’m steeped in fear clumsy eyes failing clumsy stares
call me T cuz i’m next to U for someday soon prayer
i’m pete best at best at best i laugh when i turn to the mirror
i’m the worst at worst at best i write when i write off a year

gender says to hide it away
maybe tonight’s it’s right

chances are i’ll spin my brain wake up thrown and do it all over again
play myself in two’s sing the i miss you’s figure out what’s left in this mess
i didn’t save my memories i gave them away
it didn’t hurt much to forget but i’ll feel it today

sing me down cuz i’ve stepped in clown party lines wishing they were fair
sign me up cuz i’m blood in gloves fit for sunday school heir
i’m pete best at best at best i laugh when i breathe in your air
i’m the worst at worst at best i eat when i look in the mirror

quota says to keep it inside
tonight i think it’s right

“it’s for community” so we vote today
“it’s safe, just trust me” eyes rolled away.
Track Name: October 29, 1929
it's too big to fail too cruel to mold a smile. give it ten years, maybe, i swear it's worthwhile. i picture a gold house; gold bath tub, is that wrong? but, most of all, i want a new guitar to write and play you a song.

yeah, the money's all falling out and my grandchildren are dancing now. i mean, spitting on my grave or sniffing glue. i can't spend much money but i can spend my time with you.

wearing rags and eating shoes i'll do it all just to talk with you on the streets of who's who.
the economy's bound to crash- i'll play a jingle for this plight tonight. gather the bones of bankers: derivative clowns. let's teach children not to vote and sing, "crush, crush, crush."
Track Name: Lyson
a hemingway novel and a dust torn smile, he lives outside, yeah, he lives outside dumb. too many holes in his xl ALL shirt. he crawls outside, yeah, he crawls outside dumb. he’s got no where else to go.

he found a job that paid off all his debt. he never really had the values that rest of us had i guess. he’s so scared that no one cared.

an ayn rand novel and a dentured smile, he laughs outside, yeah, he laughs outside dumb. no holes in his BNL shirt. he hates outside, yeah, he hates outside dumb. he’s got someplace else to go.

he reads the news and laughs at all our debt. he’s never really had the courage? the rest of us had i guess. he’s not scared that we all care.

now he knows what it’s like to kill the poor.
Track Name: Temporary Glue aka Not so Sure I'm Ashamed
wanna cut out my eyes. probably cut off my nose: apparently the only things i own. the rest is dumb (D-U-M-B). the rest is lieu. they call it temporary glue. temporary you. not afraid of my weight. not afraid of my gut. definitely not afraid of you. my math is wrong. we’re always wrong. all fat fingers try anxious coup; frustration too. not so sure i’m ashamed. it’s hard to read. make me blind give me braille come watch me fail. weight, watch me fail.

i’m 22 and those jokes don’t bother me anymore.
Track Name: Won't Be Myself For Long
if i had one wish- mother mary have no son's.
Track Name: Not Elton's Daniel
a friend, a real contender, paused and said he might quit. "take two of these and read this, you’ll stop shaking soon don’t touch your wrists." don’t do that do please don’t be bad. well it’s either this or ten more years of slipping through the cracks.

"why are you so sad?" it’s been awhile since i’ve looked. it’s definitely the way they looked. i’ll grab the gun. no, guns.

would you be okay with it? if i had a hand it?

spent a real cold morning touching hands and thinking through. drank too much coffee, hated, we’re those kids that cut our wrists but, still. don’t feel bad, please don’t feel bad. well it’s either this or shooting up schools, veins, forget our names.

i won’t have a hand in it. killing kids would make me sick.