Evan (Spitter) b​/​w Rossetti Stone

by Jerk Damaged

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released January 4, 2013

evan mumford- wants to bring back doofus as a common insult
marcus fiddes- drums, jam spot, enjoys green day casually
luke mumford- recording and mixing, enjoys uncut magazine



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Jerk Damaged Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Evan (Spitter)
i'm afraid i've been tailored too poorly, there's so much room in my words; they're fit for a judge. i know exactly what's trailing me: hear nothing, say nothing, see? nothing's wrong.

yet i never knew you. never really know how you felt.

i've been feeling a bit like art vandelay. a poor excuse, barely moving, and dressed in judge. i've been clenching my fists too much lately, i've been clenching my fists... nothing's wrong at all.

yet i never knew me. never really know how i felt.

claustrophobic everything but i don't need "how to be alone". my learn-debt laughs at me: "find out how to bail a loan". my future's been everywhere it just has no expectations. my past has been passed on, it's in the hands of a great spectator.

cowlick me. cow like me: spit in image.

are they comfortable in their skin? i never really am, i never am.
Track Name: Rossetti Stone
a vilanchian summer crushed my worry stone.

pat smear you are the one that always make me feel like the boy and clumsiness fit all right.