For the Ones Who Don't Feel Right

by Jerk Damaged

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thanks to marlee, joel, ilse, luke, brendan, phil, marcus.

album picture taken by christopher howse (


released January 13, 2014

evan mumford- guitar/vocals
scott brown- bass
joe chamandy- drums

recorded by luke mumford.



all rights reserved


Jerk Damaged Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Thomas Nast & Grin
imagine his country drawn from scratch: money for teeth and slob for bones. hell, like they know our names. i hate our guy, he’s gotta go. i hate our guy, he’s not my guide. a zinnian nightmare from day one; a trudeau summer without the sun. hell, like he knows our names.

there’s thomas nast, i can tell by his grin that there might be a problem. the size of his grin invites me in, “hey, talk your way out of this foxhole kid”.

i hope someday he quits his job (maybe we'll all get jobs).

i wanna move so far away. i wanna run so far away where no one knows my name; where i don’t know my name.
Track Name: Glad Jocks
i’ve got cops in my eyes reading lines for the play “man sick of time”. a spectacle they’ll forget; a script they’ll never get. i’ve got cops in my eyes cutting lines.

glad jocks agree i’m always a waste of time (but mostly idiot).
moss on me agrees i’m always a world off time (steel idiot).

turn the world off.

i’ve got docs in my hair splitting hairs over what’s not fair and fair. they say, “your BMI is shit”. well, i’m sequestered not sick. they don’t care.

i’m always a world off time.
Track Name: Anthemage
everything sux and i don't wanna grow up.
Track Name: CANE.
what will i do when things fall apart?
Track Name: My Berlin Years
starts with a bow but i call it nervous eyes meet ground. white noise, blood, headache clearance sale. you’re a caller at two; you’re always calling it too. you’re everything someone’s said.

here’s a suggestion: why don’t you talk too fast talk too slow talk too fast talk too slow.

my berlin years = no haircuts.

here's a suggestion: why don't you talk too fast talk too slow (kills me everyday).
Track Name: Lyson
a hemingway novel and a dust torn smile
he lives outside yeah he lives outside dumb
too many holes in his xl ALL shirt
he crawls outside yeah he crawls outside dumb
he’s got no where else to go

he found a job that paid off all his debt
he never really had the values that rest of us had i guess
he’s so scared that no one cared.

now he knows what it’s like to kill the poor.

an ayn rand novel and a dentured smile
he laughs outside yeah he laughs outside dumb
no holes in his BNL shirt
he hates outside yeah he hates outside dumb
he’s got someplace else to go

he reads the news and laughs at all our debt
he’s never really had the courage the rest of us had i guess
he’s not scared that we all care.
Track Name: Grow Gold
they hate everyone i know. there’s always factories for me i’m told. all the bars and their soft glow. it’s not our fault.

i hate every word i spoke. i hate every song i wrote. i hate every single note
it’s all my fault.

maybe someday i’ll grow gold (it’ll be the only way to get out of this drought).